>>> import pouchdb
>>> env = pouchdb.setup(storageDir="/tmp/pouch")
>>> db = env.PouchDB("test")
>>> db.put({"_id": "mytest"})
{u'ok': True, u'rev': u'...', u'id': u'mytest'}
>>> db.get("mytest")
{u'_rev': u'...', u'_id': u'mytest'}
>>> env.destroy("test")

Python-PouchD 0.4.1 provides an interface to the PouchDB JavaScript library. It's released under the Apache License v2 and it offers an (optional) synchronous API.

Includes the spatial, GQL, search, quick search, authentication, validation, show, list, rewrite, replicator and update PouchDB plug-ins.

Uses QtWebKit internally, so either PySide, PyQt4 or PyQt5 is required.

How do I get it?

In a terminal, just run:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pyside.qtwebkit
$ pip install python-pouchdb

Source tarball available at the Python Packaging Index.

There's also a daily updated PPA that always contains the latest development version.